5 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

5 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

Jazmine Avila, Staff Writer

Halloween is right around the corner, and you just got invited to a Halloween Party. Only problem is, you have loads of work to do, and no time to go to buy a costume! No need to stress. Unique and affordable halloween costumes are very simple to come up with last minute. I have accumulated five last minute costumes that could possibly work out for you, or spark up an idea for another costume.

  1. Famous Athlete:
    -We all have random sports jerseys that could easily be turned into a costume. By putting on the jersey, and using some black face paint to draw two lines diagonally on your cheeks, you effectively add on to the athletic illusion.







2. Nerd:

-Putting on suspenders, a white t-shirt and

any pair of glasses you would think

are “nerdy” and you are all set to go!







3. Charlie Brown:                                                         

-Get a yellow t-shirt that you wouldn’t mind

drawing on, and draw a big  zigzag horizontally

across the middle of the shirt to resemble

Charlie Brown’s signature look.






4. Rosie The Riveter:                                                         

-Get a red bandana and a blue dress up shirt,

roll up the sleeves, and you’re Rosie the Riveter!







5. Face Paint:                                                                     

-Cat, lion, dog, clown, vampire, any idea

you can think of can easily be made with just

some face paint. Party city or almost any store,

even CVS and Walgreens, will face paint for

halloween for under $10.



Halloween is all about being creative, but most importantly, having fun with your costume. Halloween only rolls around once a year, so might as well make the most of it!