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“Where Knights get their knews

Mission Statement: 

The Round Table is a student-run news site that strives to provide the Stamford High Black Knights and the surrounding community accurate, high-quality journalism. We write ethically about relevant, important issues concerning the student body of Stamford High School. We promise to publish as accurately and timely as possible and to abide by the journalistic standards set forth by the Associated Press to ensure the trust of our readers. We aim to achieve a golden mean of serious content and fun, lighthearted material.

Written by Andrew Young in 2015. Edited by Isabella Sorial and approved by The Round Table’s Editorial Staff in 2018.


The Stamford High School Round Table is a digital newspaper published by the students of Stamford High School. The Round Table is written primarily for the approximately 1,800 students attending Stamford High School, and is available online. According to our oldest records, The Round Table was first published in 1972 by the students of Stamford High School. It originated as a print-only newspaper before evolving into an all-online publication in 2013. At any given time, The Round Table has a staff of about 100-120 writers, governed by a team of 16 editors and two advisers, who work to produce articles, videos, photographs and other media for our site. For more information, please contact one of our faculty advisers, Jon Ringel ([email protected]) or Ryan Hough ([email protected]).


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