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SHS History Department Hosts Veteran’s Day Celebration

Olivia Kowalski, Reporter November 15, 2022

On Thursday November 10th, the SHS History Department hosted its annual Veteran's Day ceremony; reporter Olivia Kowalski was on the scene.

Can You Say ‘Irish Wristwatch?’

Max Guttman, Isabella Teasdale, Alex Butler and Lindsay Hodges went around SHS asking students and staff to say tongue twisters!

Pink Out Raises $100,000 in a Decade

Lucia Kempton, Mia Evans, and Emily Toro November 3, 2022

In its tenth year, Stamford High's Pink Out fundraiser exceeded $100,000 in donations to cancer research! Reporters Emily Toro, Mia Evans, and Lucia Kempton speak to teachers and faculty about the achievement.

Active Shooter Scare at SHS

Ruth Reynolds and Patrick Zielinski October 21, 2022

At 8:55 a.m.  October 21, 2022, Stamford High School received a false claim that there was an active shooter loose in the building. The Stamford Police Department responded to the threat immediately and...

Construction Progresses in the SHS Courtyard

Construction Progresses in the SHS Courtyard

Melia Peragine, Reporter September 28, 2022

Construction is currently taking place in the Stamford High main courtyard for the first time since before the pandemic. Plans to redo the courtyard began in 2018, but this lengthy, five-year process...

SHS hosts first ‘Knight of Excellence’ awards

Emma Mancini, Reporter June 15, 2022

On Thursday June 9, SHS hosted the first "Knight of Excellence" awards, organized by teachers Jeremy White and Diane Burns. Reporter Emma Mancini spoke with some of the winners and nominees.

A hypothetical student schedule under the districts favored option for next year, the 4-by-4 hybrid.

SPS Principals versus Board of Education in schedule debate

Philip Childakos, Staff Writer June 6, 2022

The new semesterised schedule has brought up a lot of problems according to administration and department heads. Principals Matt Forker (Stamford High) and Michael Rinaldi (Westhill) urge district leaders...

Laptop Return Info for Seniors

Roniya Johnson, Reporter June 3, 2022

Reporter Roniya Johnson talks to Technology Specialist Jeremy Fiftal about Laptop Return procedures.

Gladstone Becomes World Language Department Head

J'ahsai Martin-Fish, Reporter April 26, 2022

Reporter J'ahsai Martin-Fish talks to the news department head for world language, Matthew Gladstone.

Junior Caroline Bernacki dropping off carrots at the fridge.

Environmentally-Friendly “Give Take” Fridge put in SHS Cafeteria

Diana Wawrzonkiewicz, Staff Writer April 21, 2022

In keeping with their environmentally-conscious mission, the SHS Environmental Club has installed a “give take” fridge in the cafeteria. It adheres to a trade-like system where students can exchange...

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