The Round Table

2017-2018 Staff

Carlos Nique

Arts Editor

Carlos is a returning member of the SHS Round Table who is taking over as editor for the Arts section. Carlos wrote multiple articles last year covering topics such as movies, the school musical All Shook Up, and was even fea...

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Duncan Lee

Multimedia Editor

Duncan, a senior at Stamford High, is excited to return to The Round Table as multimedia editor for the 2017-2018 school year. Along with the school newspaper, Duncan is the captain of the SHS/WHS Ski Team and also plays Lacrosse....

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Alisson Meza

Social Media Coordinator, Facebook

Alisson Meza is a senior at Stamford High School and has been in The Round Table Staff since last year. She's thrilled to be back as Facebook Coordinator for this school year. Aside from being in the Round Table, Alisson is also...

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Aaron Patashnik

Opinions Editor

Aaron Patashnik, a senior at Stamford High, is very excited to continue the Round Table's tradition of excellence. Aaron is the proud author of articles on the gender wage gap as well as music festival artist reviews. Outside...

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Kiran Jagtiani


Kiran is a senior at Stamford High and is excited to start her senior year as editor-in-chief of The Round Table. In addition to working on the paper, Kiran serves as a member on the Executive Committee of MYLC and is the president...

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Mark Gjuraj

Sports Editor

Mark Gjuraj is a senior at Stamford High and a co-editor of The Round Table's sports section. Mark joined The Round Table in 2016, and has written numerous articles on a variety of topics such as fantasy football, international...

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Marissa Young


Marissa Young is excited to be one of The Round Table’s Editors-in-Chief for her senior year. Outside of The Round Table, Marissa is a member of the Friendly Faces Club, the Leadership Academy, NHS, and Captain of the SHS Gymnastics...

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Joey Price

Sports Editor

Joey Price is a senior at Stamford High School and has become one of the Sports Editors for the 2017-2018 school year. In the spring, you can catch him wearing number 4 on the baseball field. Joey is also part of the Leadership...

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Brianna Jean

Social Media Coordinator, Instagram

Brianna Jean is a senior at Stamford High and is excited to be taking on the role of Instagram coordinator for the Round Table. She joined as a staff writer her junior year, and has loved it ever since. Aside from being the Instagram...

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Amy Liebman

Features Editor

Amy Liebman is a senior at Stamford High School. She joined the Round Table as a junior and is excited to return in the 2017-18 school year as the feature editor. She plays varsity field hockey for the Stamford High team. In addition,...

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Rialda Music

Fashion Editor

Rialda, a senior at Stamford High School, is thrilled to return to the SHS Round Table as an Fashion Editor for 2017-2018. During the spring you can see Rialda on the field with number 7 for the girls lacrosse team, and throughout...

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Kenya Bailey

News Editor

Kenya Bailey is a senior at Stamford High School and is the News Editor for this year. She joined The Round Table during her junior year and is excited to be back this year as an editor. Outside of The Round Table, Kenya is also...

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Jessica Infante

Social Media Coordinator, Twitter

Jessica is excited to be the Twitter Coordinator of The Round Table for her senior year. She joined The Round Table her junior year. Outside of being a part of the staff, Jessica is a member of MYLC, BuildOn and NHS. She also...

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Jude Infante

Science / Technology Editor

Jude is a returning staff member of The Round Table but now as the Science/Technology Editor. He is honored to be a part of the Editorial Staff and is prepared to help continue making The Round Table a great online newspaper....

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Scott Krupa

Distractions Editor

Scott Krupa is a senior at Stamford High School and is the editor for the Distractions section for the Round Table. He is also on the Varsity Lacrosse team. In addition he is currently Social Media executive of the class of 2018...

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