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Can You Tell Time?

Amarea Forte and Deanna King March 29, 2023

Telling analog time appears to be a dying skill among SHS students. Amarea Forte and Deanna King get to the bottom of the issue...

SHS Students vs Basic Information

Zyon Jordan, Ny'Asia Martin March 23, 2023

Stamford High students struggle to answer the basic factual questions asked by reporters Zyon Jordan and Ny'Asia Martin.

SHS students and staff learn to Irish dance

Meagan Ash, Editor In Chief March 17, 2023

Editor in Chief Meagan Ash tested Stamford High staff and students on their Irish dance skills.

SHS Spelling Bee!

Gabby Gibek, Dina Music, and Jorge Mungia March 13, 2023

Reporters Gabby Gibek, Dina Music, and Jorge Mungia conduct a spelling bee in the halls of SHS. Not even the principal is safe!

What’s the Quote of the Day?

Jeremy Matamis, Reporter March 2, 2023

Reporter Jeremy Matamis does his thing. What's the quote of the day, SHS?

Who is your celebrity crush?

Josh Chery, Reporter January 10, 2023

Reporter Josh Chery interviewed SHS staff and students about their celebrity crush.

Students’ Wildest Christmas Gifts

Rebecca Beebe, Reporter December 23, 2022

In the spirit of the holidays, reporter Rebecca Beebe asks students about some of the craziest gifts they've received over the years.

The 12 Days of Christmas

Max Guttman, Arts Editor December 22, 2022

SHS staff and student sing the 12 Days of Christmas!

Ratatouille vs Stuart Little?

D'Andre Easely and Jane MacNamara December 21, 2022

Who would win the ultimate celebrity rodent showdown - Ratatouille or Stuart Little? D'Andre Easley and Jane MacNamara get to the bottom of this important debate.

How smart are you, SHS students?

Trivia, trick questions and more...

Is that a “glizzy” in the vending machine?

J.J. Salvatore, Kyle Karanastasis December 15, 2022

Have you heard about the new glizzy vending machines at SHS? You probably haven't, because they don't exist. But that didn't stop reporters J.J. Salvatore and Kyle Karanastasis...

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