The Round Table

Do You Know Your Grade Level Administrator?

Henry Vandervoort, Reporter December 1, 2022

Round Table reporter Henry Vandervoort asks students a seemingly easy question: who is your grade level administrator? Confusion ensues.

Meeting SHS’s Celebrities

Jeremy Matamis, Reporter November 30, 2022

How many Celebrities are at shs. reporter Jeremy Matamis tells us.

World Cup Fever at SHS

Briana Mendez, Krystyna Yosypiv, and Marlena Steiner November 28, 2022

The art department is hosting a World Cup event on Wednesday after school! Round Table reporters Briana Mendez, Marlena Steiner, and Krystyna Yosypiv have all the info.

How were your first quarter grades?

John Karipides and James Faham November 16, 2022

Reporters James Faham and John Karipides interviewed SHS students on their first quarter grades.

Can You Get Sturdy ?

Zyon Jordan and Ny'asia Martin-Fish November 14, 2022

Reporters Zyon Jordan and Ny'asia Martin-Fish went around SHS and ask students if they can "get sturdy."

Can You Say ‘Irish Wristwatch?’

Max Guttman, Isabella Teasdale, Alex Butler and Lindsay Hodges went around SHS asking students and staff to say tongue twisters!

SHS Jersey Day

Zyon Jordan and Ny'Asia Martin-Fish November 2, 2022

Reporters Zyon Jordan and Ny'Asia Martin-Fish went around and interviewed Stamford High students about Pink Out Spirit Week 2022

What dessert would you be ?

Jasmine Whitfield and Zyon Jordan October 18, 2022

Reporters Zyon Jordan and Jasmine Whitfield went around Stamford High asking students what dessert they would be and why.

Are You Enjoying the Transition to Fall?

Ajsi Cako and Olivia Kowalski October 4, 2022

Round Table reporters Ajsi Cako and Olivia Kowalski talk to students about the arrival of cooler weather and shorter days...

How gullible is Stamford High?

Jeremy Matamis, Reporter September 21, 2022

Did you fail a class this year?

Cathleen Perdomo and Keyla de Jesus June 14, 2022

Reporters Cathleen Perdomo and Keyla de Jesus ask the dreaded question: did you fail any of your classes this year?

What do you look for in a partner?

Ana Clara Mesquita, Reporter June 8, 2022

Reporter Ana Clara Mesquita asks students what catches their eyes when they first see someone and what qualities they look for in a partner.

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