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Why We Should Keep Night Games

Why We Should Keep Night Games

Keyla De Jesus , Reporter October 14, 2021

There has been a drastic change to Stamford High’s football schedule. As many of you may know, night games have been cancelled for the rest of the season due to an excessive amount of altercations at...

How to be Happy at Your Second Choice

How to be Happy at Your Second Choice

Alex Rubim and Jeremy Young June 16, 2021

Every year, there is a period of the senior class's life that is defined by the release of college acceptance letters. Receiving these letters is equal parts exciting and downright terrifying, as it is...

Media center courtyard that is often overlooked by Stamford High students and teachers

Stamford High’s Forgotten Courtyard

Madeline Shapiro, Reporter June 9, 2021

This year, there has been a new view for students walking across the fifth and sixth floor breeze ways: a completed courtyard with rows of desks open during lunch.  The courtyard is a welcomed addition...

The SHS library book carts

Are high school libraries necessary?

Karina Zaleski, Contributer May 19, 2021

In the growing age of technology, high school libraries are being utilized much less by students. Some people may argue that libraries serve as helpful resources and a great place to study. However, others...

Why Were Lucky to Have an Outdoor Senior Prom

Why We’re Lucky to Have an Outdoor Senior Prom

Sofia Sarak, Editor-in-Chief April 26, 2021

As has been said many times before, senior prom is a staple of the typical high school experience. But just like with everything else this year, the Class of 2021 has had to make changes to the big event...

STEM Focus Diminishes Importance of English Courses

STEM Focus Diminishes Importance of English Courses

Jordan Grabine, Reporter April 23, 2021

Education has recently become heavily focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) courses, which has historically been an area in which the U.S. has fallen behind other developed...

Author of the Article

Canceled Junior Prom Funds Should Go Towards Next Year’s Senior Prom

Hannah Schager, Correspondant March 8, 2021

All high school students dream of going to prom, an occasion that calls for fancy attire, tasteful corsages and lots and lots of pictures. Due to the pandemic, the beloved proms for both Stamford High...

Taylor Friese

Live-Streaming of In-Person Classes Bad for Both Teachers and Students

Taylor Friese, Correspondent February 17, 2021

With the ongoing pandemic, Stamford High School has had to make drastic changes to the course curriculum to keep in person classes functioning. As if in person teaching during these times isn’t hard...

Jeremy Young

The Change We Need to See in China

Jeremy Young, Correspondant January 19, 2021

Despite it being such a prevalent issue, not many are aware of the horrible things happening in China right now. Currently, Uyghurs are being imprisoned and tortured in modern labor camps in Xinjiang,...

Justin Hutter

Masks should be a mandatory precaution

Justin Hutter, Contributor January 15, 2021

With winter sports seasons recently being approved to play by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, the continuation of wearing masks must be stressed to players. It is a known fact that...

Author of the Article

Amy Coney Barrett: How Did She Become a Supreme Court Justice?

Hannah Schager, Correspondant January 15, 2021

Imagine you were running for president of a club, one that you had been a part of for three years, against another student who had been a part of the same club for three weeks; the club advisor chose the...

Wearing Masks: Not a Political Issue

Wearing Masks: Not a Political Issue

Chuanmai Husu, Correspondant January 6, 2021

Despite being around for more than a year, the coronavirus remains active in US with no signs of going away anytime soon This worsening situation requires that we continue to practice basic safety measures,...

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