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Doing It Jahangirs Way

Doing It Jahangir’s Way

Elizabeth Jacinto, Reporter April 11, 2024

You might have seen him sing on his Instagram page, support his students from the stands, or give out candy for a special accomplishment. But still, you might not be aware of the true legend that science...

5 of SHSs Most Famous Alumni

5 of SHS’s Most Famous Alumni

Jackiel Barrow, Reporter April 3, 2024

Located in the heart of Stamford, Connecticut, Stamford High School is a shining example of both community pride because we are better than Westhill, and academic distinction (because we are better than...

Ryan Prem looking self-conscious

“The constant pressure to be perfect just makes me less motivated to do my work”: How Self-Consciousness Affects the Students of SHS

Jayden Rosario, Correspondent April 2, 2024

  We all know that no student is perfect and that everybody has their flaws. These personal problems can affect students in many different ways. Things like anxiety, depression, or even relationship...

Panera Bread Opens in Stamford!

Reporters Catherine Rivera, Eileen Rella, Martiecita Inverno, Michael Faherty, Olivia Murray, Raeanne Iacovacci, and Sara Malizia woke up at the crack of dawn on March 21st to be present for the grand...

Junior Alex Garcia, a student with ADHD, contemplates how much time is left in class.

The New Schedule’s Potential Effect on Students with ADHD

Elizabeth Jacinto, Correspondent March 12, 2024

The 2024-2025 school year will start with a 7-period block schedule, consisting of three 96-minute classes and one 48-minute class, which would be the same on both A and B days. The new schedule would...

Meet “Cookie Lady” Mrs. Russo

Jaidon Naranjo, Reporter March 11, 2024

Reporter Jaidon Naranjo interviews Stamford High's favorite new chef: "Cookie Lady" Kim Russo.

Meet Mrs. Fortilus

Jaidon Naranjo and Gabby Gibek February 28, 2024

Round Table Reporter Jaiden Naranjo interviews SHS School Counselor Mrs. Fortilus.

In 10 Years… (Class of 2024)

Jeremy Matamis February 26, 2024

Where do SHS seniors see themselves in 10 years? Distractions Editor Jeremy Matamis reports.

SHS introduces resources to combat vaping

Madison Sweeney, Ella O'Halloran, and Anna Morton February 26, 2024

Round Table Reporters Madison Sweeney, Ella O'Halloran and Anna Morton interview SHS students and staff about their experiences with nicotine addiction and how to stop it.

How Can You Improve for Second Semester?

Jessica Kaba, Reporter February 1, 2024

Reporter Natalya Zakharian talks to students about their performance during semester one, and what they can do to improve in the second half of the year.

Writer Rachel Kelly named Bronx House Best Overall Pizza in Stamford

Highlighting Stamford’s Pizza

Rachel Kelly, Reporter January 24, 2024

January 14 to January 20 this year was observed as National Pizza Week in the United States. In honor of this delicious celebration, I’ve decided to rate the pizza in Stamford.   Pizza, though...

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