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Getting to know our Superintendent

Marcela Aju, Reporter May 25, 2022

Round Table reporter and producer Marcela Aju sat down with Stamford's Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Tamu Lucero, for a discussion of her childhood, her interests, her name and more!

Chicken and french fry options at Greenwich Country Day School in Greenwich

What’s for Lunch?

Claire Cody, Editor in Chief May 9, 2022

Lunch. A time of day that many would consider the best part. The middle-of-the-day pick-me-up that we all need. From a nice sandwich to a refreshing salad, the opportunities to explore the lunch menu are...

One of the toast options available at Turning Point, reviewed by Stone.

Turning Point Coffee Roasters Review: One of Stamford’s Best

Amelia Stone, Reporter May 6, 2022

I love coffee, like, a lot, so I’ve set out to try every coffee shop in Stamford and give my honest review. I started off this journey with a trip to my personal favorite (at least for now): Turning...

NEHS President Madeline Shapiro and Vice President Diana Wawrzonkiewicz pose for a yearbook photo. With the help of NEHS members, the NEHS officers promoted new English-related programs in the Stamford Public Schools district.

The NEHS Gives Back

Emma Mancini, Reporter April 21, 2022

The National English Honors Society is a club that looks to accentuate people’s talents in reading and writing while recognizing their achievements. Recruiting for the club starts junior year when second...

The Stamford High parking lot in the morning. A student survey investigated the frequency of skipping class at SHS and whether students go to the parking lot when they skip.

Senior Survey Investigates How Students Skip Class

Jessica Scanlon, Reporter March 22, 2022

In the beginning of this year, I conducted a study to find if there was any correlation between leaving campus and GPA. Going into this, I hypothesized that there is little to no correlation between skipping...

Stamford High students calculus homework.

Is Homework Necessary?

Preet Kumar, Staff Writer March 8, 2022

Students often complain that the most stressful part of school is the homework. After coming home from a seven hour day of school, students dislike spending the rest of their day studying. Parents and...

Lift Every Voice and Sing: The Black National Anthem

“Lift Every Voice and Sing”: The Black National Anthem

Selma Fuseni, Editor-in-Chief February 17, 2022

“Lift every voice and sing” This lyric happens to be the name of what is currently dubbed the Black National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. Similarly to the “Star Spangled Banner”,...

Esther A. Hopkins during an interview in 2012.

The History Behind Esther A. Hopkins’ Stamford Connection

Ananya Kotian, Staff Writer February 16, 2022

Esther Arvilla Harrison Hopkins, chemist, city council member, and patent attorney, was born on September 18, 1926, in Stamford, Connecticut, to Esther Small and George Burgess Harrison. Her mother migrated...

Student Marcela Aju getting ready to eat her plastic packaged lunch

Plastic Waste In School Lunch

Philip Childakos, Staff Writer February 14, 2022

Students at Stamford High School can pretty much agree that every item in the lunch packages, aside from the napkin and food itself, is made of plastic.There are clear thin plastic boxes, used for the...

Eileen Gu Wins Gold...but for China

Eileen Gu Wins Gold…but for China

Claire Cody, Editor in Chief February 9, 2022

Accelerating speed, powder shredding behind, a monster of a slope ahead. Bending the knees for takeoff, you soar through the air hitting a double cork 1620 (four and a half rotations while maintaining...

Student athletes take the next step

Rylie Walker, Sports Editor February 8, 2022

On Wednesday February 3 2022, Stamford High School had their first national signing day ceremony. This is the first of many times this year we will honor athletes that will continue their athletic and...

Senior Ivana Nique presents the news for the Round Tables La Voz del Sur

Bringing “La Voz del Sur” to Stamford High

Ana Clara Mesquita, Reporter February 7, 2022

Ivana Nique, a Peruvian senior at Stamford High School, recently created the Round Table's Spanish news segment “La Voz del Sur." Nique’s parents were an enormous help with creating the name and...

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