Why You Should Go Cruelty Free With Your Makeup


Kasey Borjas, Staff Writer

When thinking of bunnies, puppies, kittens, and other adorable animals, do you ever imagine that purchasing makeup from some companies means you are supporting a company that is for testing on animals? Well, you may not have known but many makeup companies have been turning to become cruelty free.

According to Nanshy’s article, 5 Surprising Reasons To Switch To Cruelty-Free Cosmetics, “The ingredients used by cruelty-free brands have a proven safety record, you’re way less likely to use a product that’s going to cause you harm and negative side effects”. By using cosmetics that have not been tested on animals and are a lot more natural, you can help protect your skin and eyes from potentially harmful chemicals used in non-cruelty free makeup. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, shouldn’t you try your best to protect it and take care of it?

Another thing some do not think about are their makeup brushes. Brushes that are made of animal fur absorb a lot of bacteria and dead skin; making it almost impossible to thoroughly clean them. By using brushes with synthetic bristles you won’t be rubbing your face will unnecessary oils.

Now, many people may say that going cruelty-free is very expensive but, it really isn’t. Many drugstore brands are actually cruelty-free such as: E.L.F, Milani, Wet n Wild, MUA, NYX and Ardell. These are very well known brands that are of good quality. So if money is tight but you want to go cruelty-free, theses are some good brands to use. On the other hand, if you like indulging into some more luxury-type brands, you many like to use, Anastasia Beverly Hills, ColourPop Cosmetics, Cover FX, It Cosmetics, and Kat Von D which are just some of many luxury brands that have gone cruelty-free. So if you think that you may not be able to afford or have good quality brands of makeup, there’s a whole spectrum of makeup out there.

When cosmetics are tested on animals, it causes them a lot of pain and discomfort. These companies test their makeup and other cosmetics items in order to see if the chemicals inside, will likely harm the body once applied. According to the Humane Society, some ways they do this is by irritation tests. This is where they usually use rabbits and shave a patch of their hair off and rub it when the desired cosmetic and see the reaction. They also drop said chemicals into their eyes while restrained and usually without any pain relief during the test.
So before you go out and buy makeup, think, do you want something that is good for the lives of animals and potentially your skin and health, or do you want to risk potentially causing harm to your skin because of all the chemicals they have to test on animals to make sure it’s within “legal limits”?