2016 Fashion Trends


Let’s recap some of our 2016 fashion trends!

Evelyn Menendez, Staff Writer

Happy new year fashion lovers! As we all know, the new year consists of new resolutions, new memories, new goals and of course, new fashion trends. Nonetheless, we cannot forget the sucssses the fashion world brought us in 2016. There was many new fashion trends that developed in the year 2016 and many old fashion ones resurfaced and came back into style. Some examples of these fashion trends are:





Chokers: This 90s fashion trend crept back into style during 2016 where it gained much popularity. There is a wide variety of choker options and they became very popular amongst all ages.







Velvet: Velvet became very trendy during the fall/winter season of 2016. Velvet material could be seen all throughout an outfit, from top to bottom. It became even more popular when the famous music artist, Rihanna, came out with her velvet creepers!






Bomber Jackets: The bomber jackets took the fashion world by storm this year with new colors and new patterns. They can be worn in different ways, oversized or fitted. They are also unisex and can be worn all year round. 











Patches: Patches have been a big hit in the year of 2016. They are an accessory that can be added to virtually any piece of clothing. They are especially common on oversized jean jackets and denim overalls. It is a 70s and 80s trend that was brought back.









Crisscross Lacing: This was the hottest spring/summer trend of 2016. It has been a design that has been inspired by the common sneaker style, lacing up blouses, dresses and sweaters. It is an interesting way to play with a simple v-neck top and comes in different variations such as simple and thin criss cross laces or an oversized version.