To Sleep or Not to Sleep at Stamford High?

To Sleep or Not to Sleep at Stamford High?

Soren Rodriguez & Isabella Husu, Staff Writers

Sleep is to the brain as food is to the body; and as that analogy goes, we are all starving at Stamford High. Sleep is something that we crave. It’s a luxury, and many of us encounter only 6 hours every night. According to the National Science Foundation and the Journal of American Medical Association, “sleep deprivation is known to have the same dangerous effect as being drunk when driving.” Just as it ruins our ability to drive and use basic motor skills, it inhibits the process of learning on a fundamental level.

We chose to interview a few Stamford High students to give their thoughts on the matter as well as some insight to their daily sleep routines.

Question 1: How many hours of sleep are you getting a night on average?

Kirsten Mcleod: “Six, but sometimes I get like four.”

Anonymous: “Five-and-a-half hours on the daily.”

Wendy Marroquin: “Six or seven hours.”

Lucas Scarante: “On average, seven or eight hours.”

Lucy Lu: “I’d say six.”

Kylie Giamba: “Eight hours.”

Manshi Bhavsar: “It depends. It ranges from five to seven.”

Kenny Lafontant: “Depends, like six to eight hours.”

Charlotte Leclue: “It varies based on homework–like seven-and-a-half hours.”

Vally Mansour: “Usually about four hours, but I also take an hour nap.

Guan Guo: “Six on a good day.”

Question 2: How many hours did you sleep last night?

Kirsten Mcleod: “Six hours.”

Anonymous: “Five-and-a-half hours.”

Wendy Marroquin: “Six or seven.”

Lucas Scarante: “Around eight.”

Lucy Lu: “About six-and-a-half.”

Kylie Giamba: “Seven-and-a-half.”

Manshi Bhavsar: “Seven hours.”

Charlotte Leclue: “Seven hours.”

Vally Mansour: “Last night I actually got six!”

Guan Guo: “Six last night.”

Question 3: Do you consider yourself sleep deprived?

Kirsten Mcleod: “Yeah.”

Anonymous: “Totes.”

Wendy Marroquin: “Yes!”

Lucas Scarante: “No.” -Ironically, he looked exhausted.

Lucy Lu: “Yes, I do.”

Kylie Giamba: “Not recently, no.”

Manshi Bhavsar: “For the past four days, no, but before then I was definitely sleep deprived.”

Kenny Lafontant: “Yes.”

Charlotte Leclue: “Yes.”

Vally Mansour: “No… well, maybe a little.”

Guan Guo: “Nope.”

Question 4: Would you do better in school if it started later?

Kirsten Mcleod: “Yup!”

Anonymous:  “I mean I guess.”

Wendy Marroquin: “Probably.”

Lucas Scarante: *Shrugs “Maybe.”

Lucy Lu: “Probably.”

Kylie Giamba: “Hell yeah!”

Manshi Bhavsar: “Hell yes!”

Kenny Lafontant: “Yes, and I’d have more time to eat. It would also make me more happy to be in school.”

Charlotte Leclue: “Later? Yeah, definitely. I’d be much more alert.”

Vally Mansour: “Yes.”

Guan Guo: “Yeah.”

Question 5: How much sleep do you need to feel really refreshed?

Kirsten Mcleod: “Ten hours.”

Anonymous: “At least seven.”

Wendy Marroquin: “Nine hours.”

Lucas Scarante: “Six to seven hours.”

Lucy Lu: “Eleven hours.”

Kylie Giamba: “Ten hours”

Manshi Bhavsar:

Kenny Lafontant: “I need enough for my body to wake up naturally.”

Charlotte Leclue: “A lot.”

Vally Mansour: “Eight hours.”

Guan Guo: “Fourteen hours.”

Question 6: Do you sleep in any of your classes.

Kirsten Mcleod: “Yes.”

Anonymous: “Nope.”

Wendy Marroquin: It depends on the time and what class it is.

Lucas Scarante: “No.”

Lucy Lu: “I did once.”

Kylie Giamba: “No.”

Manshi Bhavsar: *Laughs “Yeah.”

Kenny Lafontant: “Yeah.”

Charlotte Leclue: “I’ve never actually fallen asleep, but I’ve put my head down in class.”

Vally Mansour: “No.”

Guan Guo: “Si, in Spanish class.”

Question 7: Are you addicted to caffeine?

Kirsten Mcleod: “Not really.”

Anonymous: “I drink Mio, but that’s ghetto caffeine.”

Wendy Marroquin: “I don’t know. Maybe!”

Lucas Scarante: “I don’t drink caffeine.”

Lucy Lu: “No, but I do love me some coffee.”

Kylie Giamba: “No, I don’t think so.

Manshi Bhavsar: “I don’t know. I may be.”

Kenny Lafontant: “Not really.”

Charlotte Leclue: “No, I’m allergic to it.”

Vally Mansour: “No!”

Guan Guo: “Of course.”