To Intern, Or Not to Intern?


Courtesy of Emmy Sigtryggsson

Senior Emmy Sigtryggsson interns at dan mccabes law office on summer street. does general office clerical work (filing, mail, biking, etc.), interacts with clients, drafts and revises documents and communications.

Jessica Scanlon, Reporter

As the school year approaches its end, seniors are given the opportunity to go on internships. These have been offered to students for years, however with the pandemic they were put on halt. Last year the options were quite limited, but this year it is pretty much back to normal. Naturally, many seniors jumped on the opportunity to leave school a month early. Out of the whole senior class, a little less than ¼ had to say goodbye to their friends and teachers a little earlier than normal.

Options for the internships are pretty much endless, and the application process takes only a few minutes. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why so many people took part in interning. Some students took this opportunity to test possible job opportunities. Senior Jena Spezzano states, “I thought it would be a good opportunity to see what it would be like working outside of school at another school and to maybe try and test if I would like to be a teacher.” Spezzano is interning at Hart school as a teachers assistant to a kindergarten class. Similarly to Spezzano, senior Logan Goncalves stated that he did his internship to, “have job experience in the workplace that I would ideally be in when I graduate college in the future.”

Some students did not have to look too far for interning opportunities. Senior Charlie Karukas is interning here at Stamford High as a math teacher with Ms. Burns. Like Spezzano and Goncalves, Karukas interned because it was a good opportunity; She added “I also wanted to finish school a few weeks early.”

All three seniors agreed that interning is a great opportunity for future students and they would recommend it. Goncalves stated, “Interning provides job experience prior to college and allows you to experience the job-like atmosphere that you may want to pursue in the future,” Spezzano added “I am very happy that I decided to do it!”

Whether it be to leave school early or gain an opportunity that would be hard to obtain elsewhere, internships prove to be a positive experience for everybody who does them and they are definitely worth thinking about for your senior year.