Matthew Guckeri: Band


Sa'naya Gaines , Correspondent

Round Table: How do you like Stamford High so far?  

Mr. Gurecki: It’s good, it’s good, it’s very nice.  I think it is stressful for all teachers, it’s difficult being a new teacher. After you get your feet planted it’s great. My students are great, the teachers are great, long story short I enjoy it.


Round Table:Is this your first year working in Stamford?

Mr. Gurecki:Yes.  


Round Table: Are you comfortable here?  Do you feel like you fit in?  

Mr. Gurecki:Yes. 


Round Table: What made you want to teach music?

Mr. Gurecki:I was first introduced to playing music when I played piano.  I enjoyed my teacher.  She was very kind.  She could tell I didn’t practice and she was very encouraging.  I went from piano, I took a band in middle school to high school.  In high school I realized how interested I was.  My sister went for a music teacher degree, I went as well…the rest is history.


Round Table:Do you play music outside of school? 

Mr. Gurecki:Not as much as I’d like, especially with COVID; A lot is shut down.  Two years ago I helped with a community orchestra in Boston called the “Me Too Orchestra”, dedicated to mental health awareness.


Round Table:Where have you worked before?

Mr. Gurecki:I worked as a [paraeducator] in Fairfield.  I worked as a band director in Boston at a charter school.  I worked at Westhill as a marching band instructor.  


Round Table:Where are you from?

Mr. Gurecki:I am from Tennessee.  

Round Table:Do you like it in Connecticut in contrast to Tennessee?

Mr. Gurecki:I really liked Tennessee, but I haven’t been there for 10 years.  I haven’t been an adult there, only in Connecticut. Although I miss nature, Stamford isn’t very big but bigger than some places , it’s the right size and Connecticut is fine.  


Round Table:What is something else you would like us to know about yourself?

Mr. Gurecki:I like to cook. I have a dog named Apple, she’s delightful.  And I’m excited…Very excited to be here. 

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