The Controversy Surrounding This Year’s Senior Prom


This year’s senior prom theme is A Knight Under the Stars to coincide with the fact that it will be held outdoors.

Taylor Friese, Correspondent

As we enter into our fourth and final quarter of this school year, it’s becoming apparent that prom season is just around the corner. With social distancing and mask laws mandatory statewide, the senior event has been forced to create new rules and restrictions to keep students and faculty members in attendance safe. This has caused controversy among the senior class: many are upset about the change in prom rules, especially since they were unable to have a proper junior prom, as well. Although safety during this time is the number one concern, it is understandable why some feel upset. 

The Class of 2021 student council has not yet released their final plan for prom, but some details are known. The biggest change is the venue: prom will be held at Boyle stadium instead of the usual indoor banquet hall. This means the agreed-upon date of June 4 may have to change due to weather conditions. Also, instead of having an after prom, there will be a pre-prom hosted by the PTO. The pre-prom event will have a variety of games and activities, as well as several food trucks to replace the typical prom dinner and dessert. 

The restriction causing the most controversy is the ban of out-of-Stamford-High-school and junior/underclassmen dates. This rule was put in place to limit the number of attendees, prevent the chances of an outbreak, and make it easier to contact trace if necessary. Though this rule is understandable and okay with some, many seniors were upset about it. Seniors who are dating people who don’t attend Stamford High are now forced to find a date at school, making it a more difficult experience. 

“As someone who has a boyfriend who does not go to Stamford High School I am upset that I can’t bring him. Prom is something that I have been looking forward to for most of my life and I’m upset it can’t be normal,” Senior Elizabeth Karipides said.

Another controversial prom change is the location of prom itself. Some seniors feel that having prom outside at the stadium won’t feel like an authentic prom. The idea of dancing and walking around on the turf field does not seem appealing, and some students don’t want to get all dressed up just to have an outdoor prom, as it affects their attire. Many who have pre-planned their outfits now have to alter what they wear. Weather will also play a major factor on the event. If it rains it will have to be moved, and if it’s cold students might have to bring warmer clothes. 

“I don’t like that prom is happening outside this year. I understand why they are making it outside. I just wish we could have a normal prom like past years did,” Senior Maz Yaghmaie said.

Even though this year’s prom will have to be a lot different from past ones, it is still nice that Stamford High is even putting one on, unlike some other schools across the country. Although the rules are upsetting, they are put in place to protect students and faculty from contracting the coronavirus and to keep everyone safe. At the end of the day, safety is the top priority during this pandemic.