SHS takes on the “Cinderella Project”

Sarah Kinzler, Fashion Editor


As we all know, prom is very expensive. Between the tickets, the attire, hair,makeup, and transportation, prom can cost hundreds of dollars. For anyone looking to save major cash on your prom dress, be sure check out room 101 onWednesday, April 9th from 7am to 4pm.
Stamford High is hosting a “Cinderellaproject prom gown sale” that will feature new and lightly worn prom dresses aswell as more casual dresses for graduation. All that you need to do in order to receive one of these dresses is give a $20 donation. All of the proceeds will go to Dr. Valentine’s discretionary fund to help students pay for prom-related costs.
For any additional inquiries about the event, email Holly Hyman at [email protected].