The fashion story that every man should read

Sarah Kinzler, Fashion Editor

Tired of wearing stiff jeans to school and uncomfortable yet necessary dress pants to special events? Well, you are in luck. Recently, a practical fashion outbreak called “dress sweatpants” by Betabrand have swarmed the internet. The idea of these pants are to be able to have a super comfortable and professional alternative to dress pants. These pants are perfect whether you are going to a college or job interview, or even just want to take a nap after a long day of work. To complete your outfit, Betabrand features the “executive hoodie” on their website as well– a pinstripe hoodie resembling a suit jacket (certainly a step up from your basic American Apparel workout hoodie).

However, the most significant downside to these Betabrand items is that they will likely put a dent in your wallet. The executive hoodie costs a whopping $168 and the dress sweatpants cost

Betabrand "dress sweatpants"
Betabrand “dress sweatpants”

$97 (on sale!). But not to worry, men! The high demand for these pants are likely to inspire other stores to produce recreations of a nearly exact pant and hoodie that will be a lot less detrimental to your bank account. Be sure to check out stores like American Eagle and H&M within the next six months or so, and you are likely to find a “dupe” for around closer to $40 or $50 (and maybe even a coupon or two).

If you are, indeed, willing to make the investment for these awesome pants- go for it! The pants are high quality, machine washable and come in three different colors. When it comes down to it, you will be saving money by not having to bring your usual dress pants to the dry cleaners!

Also, not to fear ladies! Envious of these comfy man pants? Fortunately, Betabrand also carries a female version of these practical pants: “dress pant yoga pants”. These pants have essentially the same practicality of the men’s version–you can go straight from work to yoga class! Unlike the ridiculous “pajama jeans” these pants are a lot more professional and look a lot dressier than “jeggings” if you need pants for a special occasion.