Places to go Over Spring Break


Emma Smith, Staff Writer

Who doesn’t love to get away for spring break? Airline prices have gone up so much in the past couple years, making it hard for some families to afford traveling. Airfare is not the only cost to worry about; there are also hotels, rental cars, food and many other expenses to be mindful of. Many people turn to driving or road trips as a way to save money and still have fun. Here are a few places within driving distance to go over Spring Break!

North Carolina is a good place to vacation if you’re looking for somewhere to get away.  The Outer Banks is perfect if you want somewhere warmer than Stamford with a beach. It is a different environment and can feel vacation-like. The drive from Stamford it is about nine hours away. The drive can be a pain but will be worth it upon arrival. Even South Carolina is an option. It is just a little further of a drive, but still has many fun vacationing activities to do in a sunnier place!

Two more easy places to get away to are New Jersey and Maryland because they are not too far away. The temperature is slightly warmer and there are plenty of activities to enjoy. Ocean City, Long Beach Island and Cape May are popular places in New Jersey. There are beaches, arcades, mini golf courses and other sources of entertainment. Places in Maryland such as, Baltimore, Ocean City and College Park have exciting things to do. There are sights to see and towns to shop in, which always makes vacations a little more fun.

For high school students Spring Break is a convenient time to visit potential colleges. Just because it’s a college visit doesn’t mean you can’t mix business and pleasure. For example, if you want to go somewhere north, like Vermont you might as well go hit the slopes. If you’re really into the north you might want to go all the way up to Maine and check out some schools there.

If educational trips that include sightseeing and visiting historical places interest you than Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. are perfect places for you. Pennsylvania has many historical sites, such as Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Gettysburg battlefield and many more. Washington D.C. has multiple historical monuments and important buildings which are occupied today, including The White House and the Capital building. The National Mall has several monuments and museums to visit in its area. These include the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, National World War II memorial, Air and Space Museum, International Spy Museum and many more around them.

For those who don’t want to travel far, a closer option is Massachusetts. During spring break the Major League Baseball season will just be getting underway and in Boston you can find one of America’s most historic baseball stadiums, Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox. Watching a game there will be an experience you’d never forget. Another thing you can do in Boston would be going to the New England Aquarium. It includes over 2,000 animals and an awesome whale watching experience.

Despite all these wonderful options for spring break, it can be argued that there is no better place than home, sleeping in your own bed. No matter what you choose, enjoy your Spring Break!