Meet Justin Ciaramella, new guidance counselor

Courtesy of Justin Ciaramella

Courtesy of Justin Ciaramella

Ajsi Cako, Reporter

Stamford High School was thrilled to welcome Justin Ciaramella as their new guidance counselor in late 2022. Ciaramella brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having previously worked as a guidance counselor in Syracuse schools with ninth graders. He is passionate about helping people of all ages and has always found great joy in lending a helping hand whenever possible. For Ciaramella, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that he can make a positive impact on someone’s life. His dedication to his students is evident in the personalized approach he takes to counseling, always striving to understand each student’s unique perspective and needs.

During his first few months at Stamford High, Ciaramella has already established himself as a valuable member of the school community, earning the trust and respect of both students and staff alike. Students and their families can rest assured that they are in good hands with Ciaramella, whose commitment to their well-being is determined. During the initial weeks of his new position at Stamford High, Ciaramella has relished the opportunity to connect with his students and learn more about them. He has found it incredibly fulfilling to engage with his students on a personal level, gaining insights into their interests, aspirations, and challenges.

Ciaramella places a high value on building meaningful relationships with his students, as he believes that trust and rapport are key to effective counseling. In these early stages of his role, Ciaramella has already made a positive impact on the lives of his students, providing them with guidance and support as they navigate the complexities of high school. Ciaramella looks forward to continuing to build relationships with his students and helping them achieve their goals