What you miss by not buying secondhand

And how to thrift like a pro

Goodwill in Stamford is just one of the many locations to score a good thrifted find!

Goodwill in Stamford is just one of the many locations to score a good thrifted find!

Ana Clara Mesquita, Staff Writer

Thrift stores have become very popular with Generation Z as teenagers become
more conscious of fast fashion and try to shop without contributing to it.
Thrifting is a great way to help with waste reduction, as clothes should not be
seen as discardable. Approximately 85% of all textiles produced in fast fashion
go into landfills each year, which is about 80 million tons.
fashion-and-how-does-it-impact-the-environment/). All this waste ending
up in landfills is obviously awful for the environment. Thrifting helps lower
those numbers.
Second hand shops also typically offer unique, beautiful and high quality
products for cheap prices. I, personally, have found many pieces from
prestigious brands at the local Goodwill. Even if you don’t care about brand
names, clothes for cheap prices are always appealing. For anyone who doesn’t
want to spend too much money but happens to need to go shopping, thrift
stores are the best option.
Stores like Goodwill, regardless of all their issues, donate most if not all of
their profits to charity as well. Your shopping actively helps other people,
which is another great incentive to avoid fast fashion and try thrift shops.

Other reasons to buy from second hand stores include the fact that it makes it
easier to find genuine vintage pieces, it gives you a sense of personal style and
helps you form it, and it’s a fun activity to do with your friends or by yourself.
Thrifting will make you reevaluate your taste in fashion. With so many
possibilities, you get to find out what you like to wear, as opposed to what fast
fashion places are pushing onto their customers. Since the clothes are cheap, it
also makes it easier to buy clothes from different styles to try them on and
figure your own style out.
Some people, however, don’t shop at thrift stores for it being more challenging
than simply going to the mall or online. To motivate more kids to buy second
hand, here are some tips on how to find good pieces at thrift stores.
Thrift stores can feel overwhelming at first, there are so many different pieces,
colors and styles to try, which is why these are such a great option for people
who would like to develop personal style. To deal with the confusion one might
feel at first, try to get familiar with the store. Understand that thrifting usually
takes a couple of hours but it becomes more fun as you do it. Sticking with a
store also helps. If you do find a thrift store that you like, get a card so that you
can get clothes for even cheaper, and find out which days they usually offer
discounts. Once you are familiar with the place, you’ll know where to find
different things, such as formal dresses, tops, shoes or whatever you are
looking for.

There are always some real treasures in the racks by the fitting rooms, so
always check those. Someone’s lack of luck might make your day.
Most thrift shops accept products every day of the week and update their racks
daily, so if you find an item that you really like, do not hesitate to buy it.
Even though they get new items every day, they usually have better days to go
shopping. The local Goodwill, for example, offers a 50 percent discount on
most clothes on Mondays.
Bring a friend to raise your spirits and to help them remind you of your style. It
can be easy to buy items that you will not wear just because of the cheap prices.
Thrift store clothes are sometimes what you might call “ironically cute”. It can
look ugly on the rack. That is an easily noticeable contrast with fast fashion
stores, they put the outfit together for you so they look stylish even if they
aren’t. It’s the opposite at thrift shops, the piece might be cute but won’t look
appealing by itself, so you need to mentally do that part and figure out a way to
style it. Again, that’s a skill that you practice every time, and it takes time to
There are many reasons why thrifting should be more popular. There is no
right way to do it. Hopefully, this article will have motivated you to give it a try
and will help you have a good time thrifting. Make good use of the tips and the