Environmentally-Friendly “Give Take” Fridge put in SHS Cafeteria

Junior Caroline Bernacki dropping off carrots at the fridge.

Junior Caroline Bernacki dropping off carrots at the fridge.

Diana Wawrzonkiewicz, Staff Writer

In keeping with their environmentally-conscious mission, the SHS Environmental Club has installed a “give take” fridge in the cafeteria. It adheres to a trade-like system where students can exchange food goods with one another. 


Tara Karlson, advisor of the Environmental Action Committee and teacher of AP Environmental Science, brainstormed this idea with the students involved in the club. She sais, “The goal is to reduce food waste and increase access to healthy food at Stamford High”. 


With the significant food waste amassed during lunch waves, the fridge intends to target these losses and minimize them. As students commonly bring food from home, they tend to not always like everything they bring. Whether it be an apple, fruit-roll up, or sandwich, odds are that it either ends up uneaten or unopened in the trash 


 With this “give take” mini refrigerator available, students can easily drop off unwanted items and find something they prefer. This limits unnecessary trips to the trash and promotes a wave of sustainability amid Stamford High. If you do not have something to swap for in the fridge, you can still take something from it. This way, the fridge remains accessible to everyone and nobody is left hungry. 


Students are already taking advantage of this new addition, like avid user of the fridge junior Caroline Bernacki. She said, “I love the give take fridge because I can give back to the Stamford High community while also reducing waste. I just found a snack last week that was delicious.”


Seemingly, the introduction of this fridge is already doing good for the school and students are enjoying it. It is open and functioning right now underneath the television in the cafeteria. Be sure to check it out and see what treasure you may find, or one you can spare.