Adele Makes Comeback With New Single; Honest About Her Divorce


Diana Wawrzonkiewicz, Reporter

London’s superstar Adele Adkins releases a lead single, “Easy On Me” to debut her upcoming album, opening up about her failed marriage and floundering relationship with her son. 


It has been five years since Adele released a song, and this recent single is certainly a hit by the looks of the charts, already mounting over 176 million streams and number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The popular release dives deep, as Adele reels her audience into her personal life. 


Dating Simon Konecki for seven years, and being married for another two, Adele called it quits in 2019. Seemingly, it wasn’t working anymore, and she realized that “it was over.” The divorce was the only way she could put her loved ones first and prioritize her own happiness. 


This produced a rift between her and her son, disrupting his life.” She dedicates a majority of the new album, 30, and single “Easy on Me” to her son as tribute, considering the divorce made him “so unhappy” and was very hard on him. 


In the latest single, the lyrics say, “Go easy on me, baby. I was still a child”. This speaks to how she is asking her son to understand her decision, in that she was young and naive when she settled down with her husband. She pursues, “I changed who I was to put you both first, but now I give up,” shedding light on her efforts to make both parties happy and her lack of success in doing so. 


Students in Stamford High School have mixed opinions on the song.


Acclaimed superfan Cristian Keller says, “I think Adele is awesome. I love all her songs, but her new single fell short. I was expecting something more alive.” While Keller adored some of Adele’s biggest hits such as “Someone Like You,” “When We Were Young,” and “Chasing Pavements,” she wasn’t the biggest fan of “Go Easy on Me.” 


Meanwhile, senior Sophia Karidas is pleased with the new single, “I love it. I’m happy she’s back and I’m excited about her album. I can’t wait for what she has in store.” 


This release has certainly set high expectations for the rest of the album, and it has provided quite the insight into the inner workings of Adele’s life in both her divorce and maternal relationships.