Annual Pink Out Raises Funds Despite Defeat on Field

Hannah Schager

Preet Kumar, Correspondent

Stamford High held its ninth annual Pink Out football game to raise funds for the Bennett Cancer Center Saturday, October 16.

Despite the Stamford High football team losing to the Trumbull Eagles 0-48, students presented a $10,000 check to the Stamford Health senior members. This was the most money raised by Pink Out since 2017.

Barbara Carr, the director of Women’s and Children’s health, was exhilarated at the amount of money that was raised.

“I was blown away when I saw that Stamford High School students raised $10,000 from the Pink Out. That’s amazing! You’re going to help so many women! We’re so proud of all the students who worked hard to raise this money,” Carr said.

Stamford High also had quite a large number of supporters including parents, students, and even mayoral candidates Bobby Valentine and Caroline Simmons there to support.

“It’s great to see the athletes out on the field enjoying themselves, being healthy and being good sports,” said Valentine.

Aside from the players, the SHS Marching Band played for the first time in almost two years and kept the crowd loud and enthusiastic. For the first time, Stamford High also held a Fall Festival on the softball field for elementary school children. Student volunteers ran games and activities such as ring toss, the biology table, freeze dance, face painting and more in efforts to raise more money for the cause. The organizer of the Fall Festival, Jeremy White, also held a penny war between his classes in which students raised another $1000. The economics class that raised the most money got to shave his head.

The 2021 Pink Out was very successful and was extra special because last year’s was missed due to the pandemic. Stamford High math teacher Diane Burns said she hopes to break $100,000 in Pink Out money by the end of next year’s event decade.