Graduation Ticket Limits Updated

Annalise Fabricatore

Karina Grabine, Reporters

Although Stamford High School students have had far from a normal school year ever since the start of the pandemic, graduation does seem like it will be very similar to previous years. The graduation ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 16th, at 4 pm in Boyle Stadium. Students will arrive at 2:45 that day, and have rehearsal on the two days prior. 

Typically, there is not really a limit on the number of people that can attend, unless it rains in which case graduation is moved inside. This year however, students are strictly allowed four tickets each, and if it rains on graduation day it will be moved to Friday, June 18th. As far as the ceremony is concerned, it will be very similar to previous years, just a little more concise and brief. 

Although there are these minor changes, students tell us that they are excited for graduation and are thankful to be all together, as opposed to last year when they had to graduate in several groups and did not have even a remotely normal ceremony.

Senior Annalise Fabricatore said, “I’m very grateful that we are able to have a normal graduation this year considering everything that we have gone through over the past year. Although we may have a limit on the tickets, at least part of my family gets to go”. She (amongst many others) is optimistic, and thankful for this opportunity to have a commencement ceremony.

Another senior Kate Hogan told us, “I am just grateful that we are able to have this nostalgic moment all together as a class”, which is consistent with many others who said that their first priority for the year’s main events such as prom and graduation was being all together as a class.                                      

After Being out of school completely for a good portion of junior year and hybrid for most of senior year, the class of 2021 is just excited to conclude high school together as one.