Boy’s Soccer Hopes for Positive Season With New Coach


Courtesy of Mike Summa

Coach Mike Summa says he’s excited for the season!

Aldon Allen, Staff Writer

I can’t speak for most people, but for me one of the most enticing parts about coming to Stamford High for me was its talented boys soccer program. It’s not exactly among the school’s most popular sports, but they are good, going as far as the state championship qualifiers last year. New coach Michael Summa seems to believe this as well, anticipating a winning season for his boys this fall.

“Obviously I have a winning record,” he quips, the new varsity coach having stepped up to replace former coach Mario Caminiti, who held the position for 42 years, winning a FCIAC championship in 1997. “I’m thinking 7-3, 8-2 and I think we’re capable of doing that.” Their effort will be needed now more than ever, due to the loss of captain Zach Tusa, who tore his achilles. “We’re hoping Christian Carmona can stand up as a captain,” Summa said.  “Tusa’s an All-Conference player, so that’s a big loss.” 

Summa is hoping Andre Quijada and Tristan Barry can also step up in his absence on defense. There are other senior players across the pitch he plans to look to as well, including twins Josh and Luke Goncalves, Carlos Chavarria, and strikers Seth Pacthett and junior Bryant De La Cruz. 

There will be no traditional FCIAC Championship to play for this season, as movement needs to be limited due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.  Summa said he still thinks there’s a lot to play for, however. “Our region has a championship and we’re playing for that,” Summa said. “The seniors are playing for their last season, for their pride, for the school, and the other kids in the program are playing for the future.” 

The team will play their first game on October 2.