Stamford High’s Third Annual No Shave November


Principal Manka sent in his post-shave selfie to enter the competition, to be used for comparison at the end of November.

Ross Green and Danielle Nugent

Each year, Stamford High School’s male faculty and students participate in the annual No Shave November contest. This competition is held to raise money for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s suicide. Some of our contestants
were asked why they participated in the awesome, yet competitive contest. History Department Head, Doug MacLehose told The Round Table reporters that he “wanted to bring awareness about many types of cancer,” and that he was excited to participate since he
has done the contest for the past three years, ever since Principal Manka arrived. Physical Education Teacher, Stephen Buckett also had some great things to say about the charity. “I think it’s a good cause, it raises awareness, and is a fun competition that Manka put
together for the teachers to compete against each other,” he told reporters. This is also Buckett’s third year entering the No Shave November contest. Last year’s winner Timothy Tu (now a junior) hopes to win the competition again this year. However, the other
competitors have different intentions! All of the faculty and students are banding together by putting the razors aside, by raising money and awareness for a great cause. This year’s competitors are pictured below:

Matthew Dattolo
Mr. Lacomis
Mr. Alvarado
Mr. Hough
Timothy Tu


Mr. Buckett
Mr. MacLehose
Mr. Katz
Mr. Barry


Mr. Wiegand
Mr. Grillo
Mr. Tougas