Are Phil Robertson’s Opinions Really That Big of a Deal?


Brian Roman, Staff Writer

Phil Robertson, made famous by inventing the Duck Commander Duck Call, and an important member to the hit reality TV show “Duck Dynasty”, has made some pretty risky comments lately stating his believes. Is Phil Robertson really to blame for these statements?

Robertson having been born in Vivian, Louisiana, grew up very religious. He was the fifth out of seven children. Robertson’s early life was full of a great amount of financial set back. He grew up without electricity, toilet or a bathtub. His family rarely went into town to buy groceries, so they lived as much off the land as they could. In his book “Happy, Happy, Happy”, Robertson recalls that “It was the 1950s when I was a young boy, but we lived like it was the 1850s…but we were always happy, happy, happy no matter the circumstances.”

When Phil Robertson got older, he invented the modern day Duck Caller. This is a unique device that makes duck noises to attract ducks when in the hunt for them. His one duck call started to become very popular with duck hunters. He started a business which later became hugely successful, called Duck Commander.

Now, Duck Commander is a family owned business which is now run by Phil’s son Willie. Willie is a very good business man and managed to get them a reality TV show called Duck Dynasty. This A&E hit show became the most viewed show on TV for weeks running. The show made the Robertson family huge stars.

Made known on the show were Phil’s views on life. This includes his great deal of religion, how to find a woman, and how to live off the land. The show closes with the entire family sitting at a table, saying Grace and being appreciative about what they have and how they wish to remain. If that is not religious then nothing is.

Everything we know about Phil Robertson and the Robertson family, makes us come to the conclusion that they are a religious family that lives off of what the bible says. Many people out there live the same way. So why is it that when someone famous that we know is very big into religion say something about what he believes that’s in the bible, he gets punished and hatred for it? Is it his fault?

Phil Robertson was being himself. He was stating what he believes. He has no problem stating what he believes and what he believes just so happened to be out of the bible. Phil Robertson does not believe in gay marriage, which is a very sensitive issue. But again, should Phil Robertson be punished for his nonbelief in gay marriage because the bible says so?

If viewers and the network punish Phil Robertson, then why don’t they punish all the politicians that don’t believe in gay marriage? The same people that are taking the right of marriage away for Americans.

Personally I believe in the right to be happy and that gay marriage is a separation of church and state. So I do believe that gay marriage should be legal. At the same time I do believe in freedom of speech. Phil Robertson was expressing what he thought about a certain issue. He should not be punished or hated on for his comment on his nonbelief on gay marriage. It’s not his fault for believing what he believes.