Popular Multi-Media Game “Among Us” Takes Appstores by Storm


Selma Fuseni

Among Us beginning loading screen

Emma Reiter, Contributing Writer


The new game, “Among Us” becomes one of the most popular electronic games since… The game is available on PC and mobile. All players can customize their character’s colors, hats, skins, and pets.  Here’s the breakdown of the game: each lobby has ten people, 1-3 of them will be imposters (it depends on your game settings), the crewmate’s job is to finish all of their tasks before the imposter(s) kills you. If you are the imposter it’s the other way around, they would want to fake tasks to avoid being “sus”, and their job is to kill all of the crewmates. They would use the vents to get out of places faster after killing someone and can sabotage things to slow the crewmates down on finishing their tasks. When someone gets killed and a body gets reported, all of the crewmates discuss what tasks they were doing and what room they were in. Once everyone has said what they are doing you would either choose to vote someone off if the majority thinks they are the imposter or you would skip because there isn’t enough information. A player could also call an emergency meeting if they saw the imposter kill right in front of them/on security cameras or if they saw the imposter vent (only imposters can vent.)

There are a bunch of different maps you can play on and you switch between the maps by changing your settings. Two of the maps are spaceships (Mira and Skeld) with a bunch of different rooms, and the other one is the planet (Polus) that they arrive on. Skeld is the default map and it is what most people choose to play on. Mira is the smallest map, but all of the vents are connected, so the imposter has an advantage on this map. Finally, Polus is the biggest out of the three maps, so crewmates get extra time to fix sabotages. 

All crewmates have a specific number of tasks to do based on what the host of the game puts. Some common and short tasks are wires, card swipe, and download/upload. For wires, you drag each color wire to the matching color on the opposite side. You click a button and wait ten seconds for a download/upload. Card swipe is considered an annoying task because you have to swipe the card at a specific speed for it to actually be completed. These three tasks are universal throughout all three of the maps. Each map has different tasks, but these three appear in all. Long tasks are activities where you will have to wait one minute to complete, so normally you would go and finish some shorter tasks while you are waiting for the time to go down. Visual tasks are a safe haven for crewmates, if you have a visual task and another crewmate sees you do it, you will be “cleared” and won’t get voted off because it is clear that you are not an imposter. Imposters have a list of fake tasks on their screen that they can choose to trick people into thinking they are not the imposter. This is something to do at your own risk if taskbar updates are on. If an actual crewmate sees an imposter faking a task, when the imposter walks away the taskbar will not go up, so if a crewmate notices they would most likely call an emergency meeting and tell everyone to vote them off.

Sabotages are used to help the imposter will the game or to cause distractions. An imposter can close doors on other crewmates to prevent them from finding a body, or to trap a crewmate in a room with them so that they can kill them. A different type of sabotage is to turn off the lights, cut communications, or to shut off the reactor. When an imposter turns off the lights the crewmate’s vision will go down, but the imposters will stay the same, making it easier to kill people and get away with it. If an imposter shuts off the reactor it gives the crewmates X amount of seconds to fix it (two players are needed), and if the crewmates don’t get to it in time, the imposter would win. When communications are cut, all of the crewmates’ tasks disappear, this would slow down the crewmates because if they don’t know what their tasks are they can’t finish them to win. 

Personally, I find this game extremely interesting and exciting. It is fun to play with friends, but you can also play with other random people around the world. The many attributes of this game such as the anonymity of the imposter and the deliberation times for players to discuss potential suspects are similar to another popular game, mafia. The main difference is this game particularly has enough structure to even out player advantages. This game is also a test of one’s natural ability to perceive their surroundings and connect dots. It also tests your ability rely on other players’ trust. 

This game has been getting a lot of good reviews recently because of how entertaining it is. Although, it can get a little frustrating from time to time when you are accused of being the imposter even when you aren’t actually one. Overall, I highly recommend this game to others because it is very captivating and fun to play.