Winfield Street Coffee: An Honest Review


Amelia Stone

Iced mocha and seasonal smore’s latte from Winfield Street Coffee.

Amelia Stone, News Editor

Welcome back to a series in which I sample each coffee shop in Stamford. Today, we’re headed to Winfield Street Coffee located next to the main branch of the Ferguson Library. With good hours, good WiFi, and a good location, I’d say it’s a pretty ideal place to go after school. I’ve been going to Winfield for a little while now, so I’ve tried a fair amount of their drinks, at least, their iced drinks, because hot coffee is for losers.

Here’s how I rate it:

Espresso Drinks: 6/10 – They make a good iced caramel macchiato and their seasonal espresso drinks have been good, like the s’mores latte I got most recently. Their iced mocha is pretty average, especially compared to others I’ve had, and their peanut butter mocha is a good idea, but just an okay execution. Overall, it’s good, but not extraordinary.

Cold Brew and Iced Drip: 5/10 – Winfield uses Rise Nitro Brew which personally is not my favorite, so their cold brew is automatically lacking for me. Their drip coffee is very basic, which gets this category a 5/10. It’s fine, nothing special at all, and I’ve had better syrups elsewhere.

Food: 7/10 – I’ve never had bad food at Winfield Street Coffee. After all, it did start as a deli. They have a solid menu with good breakfast sandwiches, good bowls/salads, and they have the BEST waffles in Stamford. If you’re not a coffee, their liege waffles are stellar, and I haven’t found anything like them anywhere else. They are unique in that they are made from a dough, rather than a batter, and they taste like a pillow-y cinnamon roll that met the best waffle. They’re dusted with powdered sugar and served with syrup that you don’t even need. They’re also a great deal, making them the star of the coffee shop. I do have to say though, I am not a fan of their pastries, which knocked their food score down by a whole point.

Overall, Winfield Street Coffee gets an 8/10. It’s proximity to school and good space for working is fantastic, and the inside of the store is perfect for taking pics for your Instagram feed. They also have a great outdoor patio which is perfect for nice days, and the waffles truly make up for the good but not great coffee.