Pink Out 2020

Diane Burns, Class of 2021 Advisor

Unfortunately, we cannot have a typical Pink Out due to COVID, but we can still show our strength as a school by bringing the school community together, raising awareness, and making a donation to Stamford Hospital. That being said, the theme this year is Stamford Strong. The front of the shirt will say Stamford Strong in camouflaged letters (black, white, and grey) with a black knight head below. The back will say 2020 with the 0’s being replaced with ribbon.

T-shirts will be $20, long sleeve shirts will be $25 and hoodies will be $30. The masks are $10 each, if bought with a shirt they’ll be $5.

Pre-orders for Pink Out shirts and masks will begin the moment I get the link for the store sent to me (should be very soon).

Pre-orders will close on October 12th.