What’s On Your Senior Summer Bucket List?

Our reporter Rupa Syeda has a few items that should be



Rupa Syeda, Reporter

As senior year comes to an end we are all eager to leave high school and start the next chapter in our lives. After four long years, it feels good to leave it all behind. Whether you are going to college out of state or in state there are a few things we should all do the summer before our freshman year.

Spend some time with family.

This is especially important if you are going to school out of state. When you are far from home you probably won’t see them as often anymore so enjoy the last few months you have with them.

Get a summer job.

Let’s face it, college is extremely expensive. Getting a summer job helps you earn some money to either help pay for tuition and or just to have for personal expenses. Doing something productive with your summer not only pays money but also gives you work experience.

Hang out with your friends.

Most likely, you won’t be attending the same school as your group of friends anymore so it’s important to spend time with them before you all go your different directions. Just like your family, you probably won’t see them as much anymore so spend the time you have left wisely.

Learn how to adult.

Before you leave for college learn how to do “adult things” such as filling out paperwork and making your own doctor’s appointments. Learn how to do the things that your mom usually takes care of. Another great skill to learn is how to cook, that way if the dining hall food sucks you can always make yourself something to eat.

Just have fun.

You finally graduated and you’re an adult now. Celebrate everything you’ve accomplished and just have fun before you officially venture into the adult world.