Senior Privileges Granted For Next Semester


Jon Ringel

Seniors Sam Diamond and Sinead Martin advocated for senior privileges, displaying draft copies of letters that will be sent to parents in the coming days.

Matt Dattolo, Opinions Editor

Stamford High School’s principal Raymond Manka has announced that seniors will be granted an open campus privilege beginning in the second semester with parental permission. Under this new policy, parents and guardians “may grant permission for their child to arrive at school for the start of second block when they are scheduled for a first block study hall and students may leave SHS any block they have a scheduled study hall.” Seniors can apply for this privilege by completing an open campus application with their parent or guardians with a deadline on Friday, February 1.

This privilege will only be offered to seniors in “good standing at SHS” who have an attendance record with less than 10 unexcused absences in any class. Additionally, seniors are only eligible if their disciplinary record is free from any serious infraction or consequences.

After applicants are deemed eligible for this privilege, a “Senior Open Campus ID Card” will be issued out to them. The only entry/exit point for those awarded this privilege is the security kiosk at the entrance near the trophy case on the fourth floor.

However, misuse of this privilege will result in administrative disciplinary action and may lead to this privilege being revoked. According to a letter that will be sent out to parents, “the school administration reserves the right to revoke the open campus privilege at any time for any students who violate school rules and regulations and/or who do not maintain a positive attendance record. Any classes that are missed as a result of a student leaving campus will be considered unexcused absences.”

Seniors must remember that this is a privilege, and if the administration feels that students are in violation of the rules, it can be taken away from individuals or as a whole. Any seniors who receive disciplinary action three times a quarter will have their open campus privileges suspended. Furthermore, students must maintain their attendance record and commit no serious infractions in Stamford High’s code of conduct. Students who share, forge and misuse their ID card will result in a permanent suspension of their privileges (this includes other privileges, such as parking privileges) and may lead to disciplinary consequences.

Reactions from seniors are mixed. “I feel like it’s about time to open the doors,” said senior Sebastian Brice. “However, they could extend more responsibility to the seniors who deserve it.” Diana Magarian said, “I’m happy about it as a senior. There’s definitely some benefit to it, although I don’t know if it’s going to make that big of a difference.” Manuela Monsalve felt largely the same, stating, “I like the idea of it, but the consequences may be too severe.”