Movie Options for a Stay-at-Home Halloween

Chiara Fabiano, Correspondent

Playing it safe and staying in for Halloween?  The Round Table has some recommendations for a scary movie quarantine marathon at home…


“It”  2017

This movie is definitely a scary one, it includes 7 young outcasts being hunted down by a shape shifting, children eating, clown. The kids must battle their deepest darkest fears in order to survive the killer monster. This horror film is rated a high 85% on rotten tomatoes and is a must see halloween classic. 


The Conjuring” 2013

This movie follows a paranormal investigating couple, Ed and Lorriane Warren in a terrifying classic horror film. The couple investigates a secluded farm house that has a sinister past. With the supernatural occurrences becoming more violent Ed and Lorraine must find a way to save the family and keep the demonic spirits at bay. 



This movie is about a grieving family trying to mourn the loss of a metally ill family member. Strange occurrences begin after the death and continue throughout the movie leaving some characters dead and others looking for ways to cope. The movie is most definitely a mystery and will totally shake you to the core. 


“The Nun” 

This movie follows young Lorraine Warren as she is brought to a convent in Romania. The young soon to be nun is struck with immense fear when she realizes this convent is haunted by a demonic spirit seeking vengeance on the nuns. Lorraine and her priest must fight to stay alive in a dark and mysterious convent. 


“Annabelle Comes home” 

This terrifying addition to the Annabelle franchise is spine chilling. Ed and Lorraine Warren are leaving for the weekend which means leaving her daughter with the babysitters and Annabelle to her own devices. When Annabelle escapes her encasing the life of these three girls gets turned upside down as they endure the wrath of the evil doll with a demon inside.

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