SHS Top Pizza Picks

Where the student body likes to get its “za”

Katelyn Cody, Staff Writer

It seems like pizza is a very popular food among high school students, so I asked 100 Stamford High School students what their favorite pizza place in Stamford was. Here are the results:

favorite pizza place imageGraphic by Katelyn Cody

The top five are…

  1. Colony Grill

Colony Grill is located on Myrtle Avenue in Shippan and is known for its thin crust pizza. In fact, their menu is made up of only pizza. Colony is one of the most popular restaurants in Stamford.

  1. Belltown

Belltown Pizzeria is a family run pizzeria located on Belltown Road serving a variety of traditional Italian dishes.

  1. Sergio’s

Sergio’s Pizza is located on East Main Street and serves Greek-style pizza along with Italian dishes.

  1. Nick’s

Nick’s Pizza is located on Glenbrook Road. Nick’s also serves both pizza and Italian dishes.

  1. Remo’s & Domino’s (Tie)

Remo’s: Remo’s Brick Oven Pizza is located in Downtown Stamford on Bedford Street. They have many great pizza dishes and other Italian favorites.

Domino’s: Domino’s is a popular fast food restaurant that serves pizza. It has locations in Stamford on Hope Street and Broad Street. You can even order pizza from your phone!


These certainly aren’t the only places to get pizza in Stamford, just some of the Stamford High student body’s favorite. Even among these students, you can see that there is a huge variety in what pizza high school students like to eat.

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