California Mass Shooting is Largest since Newtown

Teddy Marantz, Sports Editor

On Wednesday, December 2, the country witnessed yet another mass murder.

At about 11 a.m. PST, in San Bernardino, California,  a male, 28, and his wife, 27, went back to the center that the male had left just a short while before.

The male was at the center attending a holiday party being thrown by the county health department, which he was an inspector for.

Shortly before the shooting, the male left the party in what police said was an angry fashion. Soon after his departure he returned with his wife, who assisted him in the shooting.

They went inside the building and opened fire on the party. The motive is unclear, but what is known is that, as of now, 14 are dead and 17 are injured.

The couple escaped in a dark-colored SUV. Not too long after they made their escape, they were hunted down by police and were shot and killed.

Police say the suspects were wearing dark outfits and tactical gear. They also had multiple assault rifles, and it is believed that they may have been getting ready to strike somewhere else.

The mass shooting is the biggest one in the country since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, which occurred in December of 2012.

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Editor’s note: The names of the gunmen have been removed from this story to comply with our recent editorial on naming shooters. To read this editorial, click here.