The legend of the tenth floor pool

Anthony Fabricatore, Staff Writer

As every freshman entering Stamford High School navigates their way through the campus, they learn how to find their way through its unique and pretty confusing layout: how to go from the fifth floor to the seventh floor, or the first floor to the sixth floor. Throughout the years, one thing that every freshman quickly hears about is the notorious “tenth floor pool”. 

No one can remember how this rumor started, or who it originated from, but upperclassmen have carried it on by convincing freshmen that there is a pool on the tenth floor. A tenth floor does not exist in Stamford High School, nor would it be safe and logical to have a pool on such a high level. However, the “tenth floor pool” fib is something that almost every freshman gets tricked by. 

When asked about his thoughts on the tenth floor pool, freshman Thomas Scanlon responded, “It’s a great pool, where many students are given the opportunity to swim”. Clearly, some freshmen have joined in on the joke.

Some upperclassmen also remember and reflect on their experiences being conned by the tenth floor pool. 

Senior Allie Yakubovich said, “I think it’s a goofy joke to play on freshmen. It’s definitely funny when they believe it. I think I believed it for a little while as a freshman because I thought it was for the swim team or something.”

Many other upperclassmen have since realized how silly it is.

When asked if a tenth floor pool is even possible, senior Philip Childakos responded with, “No because it’s on the top floor, so the plumbing would be nearly impossible, considering the quality of the ceiling of the ninth floor and the rest of the school.” Even some underclassmen have outsmarted the trick. 

When asked the same question, sophomore Marc Balzarano explained, “Probably not because I don’t think there is enough support in the building to support the weight of a pool”. 

If freshmen took a second to think about this rumor, they would probably realize how ridiculous it is. So, why are so many past and present freshmen victims of this joke? 

Maybe it is because freshmen are gullible and so new to the school that they believe anything the older and more experienced students tell them. Or, maybe at some point, there were actual plans to build a pool at Stamford High that  just never got carried out. No matter the reason, upperclassmen seem to find it very amusing that so many freshmen fall for it. 

Whatever one’s opinion on this rumor may be, the way it has stood the test of time should be appreciated. Stamford High alumni can probably recall the time they first heard about the rumor and how they discovered that it was not real. Now, the current upperclassmen in the school pass down the rumor. Even some teachers know about it.  It feels as if this prank will forever be part of the traditions at Stamford High, as freshmen continue to get older and relay it to the next batch of freshmen. It is the upperclassmen’s hope that they will be able to come back and visit the school, and the rumor will still be going strong. I guess we must wait and find out.