Why A/B Scheduling Is Beneficial


Dea Veshaj, Staff Writer

The current A/B schedule is the best schedule we have had so far for Stamford Public Schools (SPS). The system of four classes on one day and four different classes the next day undoubtedly positively affects the Stamford High community. 

Most of the students I speak to have a day whether it be “A” day or “B” day that they prefer. The reason being that one day they usually have most of the classes that they enjoy and the other day they have some of their harder classes or classes they just do not enjoy. This way, students can just get the classes they do not like over with on one day, and the next day they do not have to endure them.

The other benefit of the class time is there is more finality in lessons. In many of my classes, we do not have to stop the lesson short because time suddenly runs out. The lesson can actually come to a finish with time left to maybe work on an assignment or move on to the next lesson. The days in which students have to review what they did not finish in class are now being significantly reduced. 

The schedule also brings people to amass more credits. The class of 2026 has the opportunity to take 32 courses unlike previous classes with just 28. So for any AP hungry students, this schedule is helping them out. Students have more opportunities to take classes now which can result in more college credits down the line and save money as the price of college goes up. Besides AP students, other students are helped with this system because they can take more classes on subjects that they care about. Since there are many rigid course requirements (come on, SPS. 9 STEM credits?) that used to eat up one’s schedule, there is now more room to add classes that they actually would enjoy.

Also, let’s talk about the new additions of late arrivals and early dismissals. As a high school senior who has a late arrival, let me just tell you how wonderful it is. High schoolers are notoriously known for their lack of sleep and just being able to sleep in for an extra hour can have major positive effects on one’s mental and physical health. For many students who have jobs, early dismissal is helpful because they can leave school early, get some homework done and then head to work. Since there are only 25 credits needed, students have more chances to add these to their schedules. 

I will admit to the one drawback for some UConn Early College Experience students. Due to the guidelines of the program, some students in ECE Chemistry, Biology, and Physics C are around 10 hours short of the time that they’d normally get to complete the course due to the current schedule and have to make it up in after-school sessions. But a few one-hour sessions every few weeks is just one drawback that they will have to sacrifice for this beneficial schedule. 

Overall, the innumerable benefits of the new scheduling cannot be ignored. The vast majority of us are better off because of it.