Pink Out Sale


Diane Burns

The pre-sales for Pink Out shirts begin this Monday 10/3 and run through Wednesday 10/12. Once pre-orders close we will sell all remaining shirts after school the week of 10/17 until the Pink Out game on 10/29. We have a limited inventory so don’t wait to order your shirt.

T-shirts $20, Long Sleeve $25, and Hoodies $30

I have attached the winning design and will pass along a flyer once we have the revised picture. Note that the word “together” is being changed to “a decade” and the pink within the numbers/letters will be the pink of the shirt and not a separate color.

Pre-orders can be purchased in the following locations:

Burns – 812

Buzzeo – 114

Dastoli – 102

White – 156

Frattaroli – 238

Martin-Llamas – 712

D’Allesandro – 925

Gutierrez – 136

Loaiza – 120

Lacomis – 715c (115c)

Flynn – 710

Pansino-Ruffo – 6th floor

Mackey – 261

Yannett – 818

Laffan – 605 (B-308)

We do not have a way to collect payments electronically (maybe one day). All orders will be cash only.