Construction Progresses in the SHS Courtyard

Melia Peragine, Reporter

Amelia Stone

Construction is currently taking place in the Stamford High main courtyard for the first time since before the pandemic. Plans to redo the courtyard began in 2018, but this lengthy, five-year process will soon be completed. Originally, the courtyard was dilapidated and unkempt. The School Governance Council made it their mission to renovate the courtyard and create a safe, green space for the students and faculty. To do so, the school had to secure funding, come up with a blueprint, have the blueprint approved, and had to match the funding that they received. Unfortunately, there were many water drainage issues around the deck area near the cafeteria, so a lot of extra work was put in to secure the area and waterproof it so that there were no additional issues.
The construction launched in 2019 was torn down shortly after it began due to issues with the builder’s construction. Engineers determined that the courtyard was not up to state guidelines, so all progress on the courtyard had to be undone. After a proper permit was secured, construction began again in late August 2022. The ground will be flattened, grass will be replanted, and bricks will be put in place in the ground where tables will be set up. The deck and patio were redone for the students to eat lunch or do their work. Soon, umbrellas will be added to complete the space, along with more murals from the Pollinator Pathways who completed several last year.
“The goal for the courtyard is to make it very user-friendly and to take advantage of every inch of space around here,” says Principal Forker. On the large grassy area of the courtyard, the governance council intends to create an amphitheater for student seating, tables, and chairs for classes to get some air and utilize the space as an outdoor classroom. Last year, events such as the Birds of Prey Show and the Bones Show took place in the courtyard, and in the future, many more will occur with this upgraded outdoor space. It is expected to be completed by October 2022.
We hope to see students and faculty enjoying the new and improved courtyard soon to come!