Lorca: A Downtown Favorite

Amelia Stone, News Editor

It’s time for another classic for the Stamford High coffee drinkers – Lorca. Also located downtown on Bedford Street, it’s location is great for after school. They have pretty good hours, so it’s easy to stop by for a quick sip, snack, study, and slack. I actually started going to Lorca before I even drank coffee (dark days, I know) for their amazing churros. Here’s how I’d break it down:

Espresso Drinks: 9/10 – I have nothing to complain about, they make a great latte, a good mocha, and their seasonal lattes like the Alfajor latte that they’re serving right now are amazing. Absolutely no complaints, just good quality drinks.

Cold Brew: 8/10 – When it comes to their cold brew, trust me and get the Tres Leches, first introduced to me by a friend, and now my favorite drink from there. Personally, I get it with less milk and more cold brew concentrate, but I like a strong coffee.

Food: 8/10 – To start, their pastries are amazing. They have croissants from Flour Water Salt, a local bakery in Darien which are so delicious, and their cookies are good too. Their grilled cheeses and hot sandwiches are also really good, and their empanadas are prefect for a meal. The aforementioned churros are also spectacular. They are authentic, hot, and come with great sauces to dip in (I’d go for dulce de leche or dark chocolate).

Overall, Lorca gets an 8/10. It’s definitely on the pricey end, with croissants costing north of $5 each, but their drinks and food are consistently good. They also always have great seasonal drinks and foods which I love, but it’s often hard to find seating when it’s a busy time of day. I’d say that if you’ve never been, give it a try. The space has a nice aesthetic, and their rewards program is great.

And if you’re still wondering, I’m not commenting on the hot drinks, because you already know that hot coffee is for losers.