Turning Point Coffee Roasters Review: One of Stamford’s Best

One of the toast options available at Turning Point, reviewed by Stone.

Amelia Stone, Reporter

I love coffee, like, a lot, so I’ve set out to try every coffee shop in Stamford and give my honest review. I started off this journey with a trip to my personal favorite (at least for now): Turning Point Coffee Roasters in Stamford’s Bulls Head Shopping Center. The coffee shop itself is very nice, there’s a good amount of seating, and every barista who’s ever made me a coffee has been great. For this review, I tried the cold brew, an espresso based drink, and their food as well.

Here’s the breakdown:

Cold Brew: 8/10

It’s very strong, but I like darker roast coffees. I love it with their house-made chocolate syrup and either skim milk or oat milk.

Espresso: 9/10

I’ve had their lattes, traditional hot macchiatos, as well as iced cappuccinos, and they are always amazing. The espresso is very rich and has a great flavor, and my personal favorite espresso drink is an iced caramel latte with oat milk.

Food: 8/10

The best grilled cheese in Stamford is here. It’s a gruyere and bacon jam grilled cheese on sourdough, and it is delicious. They also have warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies that you usually have to ask for, but they bake them fresh for you. Their croissants are great, but the other pastries are pretty average. The breakfast sandwiches are pretty good; I prefer the chorizo, egg, and manchego one. Their toasts vary in quality; the avocado toast is average, but I love the stratiaccella toast.

You may notice that there is no hot coffee review for Turning Point. There’s for a simple reason for that: hot coffee is for losers.

Overall, I’ll give Turning Point Coffee Roasters a 9 out of 10.

The space is great for getting work done, the baristas are incredibly nice, and the drinks and food always hit the spot. Plus, their seasonal menus are amazing: the raspberry mocha in the summer is the best coffee I’ve ever had.