Moon Knight: Worth the Watch?


Archie Shanley, Reporter

Marvel and Disney+’s new show Moon Knight has hit the streaming service – is the six-episode miniseries worth the watch?

Moon Knight is the sixth show Disney has come out with since WandaVision was released in January of last year. The first episode hit Disney+ on March 30, 2022, and instantly became a fan favorite. Since then, the second episode has come out and the hype surrounding the show has only grown, but what makes this go around different from the other shows, and why are people loving it so much?

There are quite a few things that Moon Knight does better than other shows, for example, the writing feels far more real and it’s shot beautifully. There’s one factor that’s playing a huge role in the show’s recent success, two words: Oscar Isaac. No one doubted that Isaac wouldn’t play this role perfectly when he was the first cast, but no one expected just how much he would blow the other shows out of the water. “Isaac’s acting is on another level than most of the recent performances,” said senior, Tyler Riehl.

Isaac’s character in the show is so interesting because there are actually two. Stephen Grant and Marc Spector are both played by Isaac sharing one body constantly switching back and forth. Isaac gives the two a completely different feel and it is abundantly clear that there are two separate characters. From differing accents to the mannerisms, Oscar really sells the body-sharing shtick. Playing one character well is no easy task, so his ability to play two roles is impressive.

So far, Moon Knight has been great. It is one of the darker Marvel Cinematic Universe projects but if you’re into superheroes it is most certainly worth the watch. From the cinematography to the direction to the acting, there’s no shortage of reasons to enjoy this show. “I’d watch it for Oscar Isaac alone,” said senior Alex Rubin when asked about the show.