Why Do Some Students Enjoy School While Others Hate It?


Sofia Sarak

While some students seem to enjoy their high school experiences, others most certainly do not.

Allison Yakubovich, Reporter

When teenagers hear any mention of anything school-related, their instant reaction is often to sigh or groan. They commonly see school as a torturous place and claim that they would rather be anywhere else. I think the reason for this is because off the top of their head, teens associate school with feelings of stress, worry, frustration, and drowsiness. These are all common feelings caused by the tests, assignments, and interactions that are an inevitable part of school.

However, I strongly believe that teens often overlook the many positive aspects of school. Whether it be teachers, classes, friends, or another common aspect of school, there are many things that can improve a student’s day, but they are often taken for granted.

As someone who personally enjoys school, it saddens me that many people view it so negatively. If people took the time to appreciate the benefits of school, they could have a much better attitude toward it. In fact, I guarantee that most teens could easily think of at least one thing about school that they genuinely like. To test this theory, I asked several students at Stamford High School about their favorite part of school.

Junior Sasha Van Leeuwen’s answer was being with her friends.  She said, “My friends make going to school a lot more bearable, and the time passes by quicker.” Van Leeuwen also said, “I also really like having a study hall because my classes can get really stressful so it’s good to have a break from it all each day.”

Junior Denis Proskuryakov said, “I like my AP Chemistry teacher. She teaches really well, and helps anyone at any time if they need help. She uses time during her lunch and weekend to answer any questions we have. She also teaches the material well and gives us lots of resources to study and learn from.”

Freshman Samantha Neere said, “I would say ceramics because it lets me bring up my creative side. I get to try new things that I haven’t done before.”

According to junior Kaili Linask, taking notes is enjoyable. “I like taking notes,” Linask said. “Something about listening to what someone says, or watching what they do and either writing or typing it is so fun.”

Sophomore Keira Lubliner stated, “Getting to see my friends because it lifts my mood.” Junior Michelle Wallack explained, “I enjoy the connections I form with my teachers because it makes class more fun. I can get to know them on a personal level rather than just as someone who gives me assignments.”

Based on these responses, I concluded that my theory was correct. Every student was able to come up with something about school that brings them happiness within seconds of being asked. If students were to focus on these things, they could begin each day with something to look forward to instead of focusing on the negatives, lightening the mood of their entire day.

Though many students don’t want to admit it, the reality is school isn’t so bad. There are many different factors that contribute to creating a positive environment at Stamford High School. Take a few seconds to acknowledge them each day, and see if your attitude toward school changes for the better. I have a feeling it will!