All-inclusive awards ceremony to come to SHS

Stamford High Social Studies teacher Jeremy White makes plans for a school wide award ceremony.

Stamford High Social Studies teacher Jeremy White makes plans for a school wide award ceremony.

Jeremy Young and Selma Fuseni

Stamford High School teacher and debate coach Jeremy White plans to have a new Awards Ceremony in June that celebrates the success of all students. White hopes to make this awards ceremony as an extravagant and celebratory night event, awarding all types of students for a variety of successes that we have in school. Whether these accomplishments are athletic, academic, or artistic, White wants all to be recognized. 


To do this, a group of teachers and students are compiling lists of the school’s clubs and programs, along with their members. And most importantly, the sports game highlights, the achievements and, the awards in each club and sport. Students from all grades and classes have the chance to be nominated for an award, and there will be many others invited to the show. 


White shared how “we have so many kids at this school who accomplish really great things that aren’t acknowledged enough. It’s time that everybody knows about each other’s successes.” White expressed that this idea was first cultivated in 2019, but as a result of the lack of assistance and the COVID pandemic, planning was halted and pushed to next year. 


Future awards for the ceremony are “Most Valuable Player “ where the winner could be our quarterback, valedictorian, or an artistically achieved student, or “Team Of The Year” for which the winner could be the Football Team, Debate Team, or even the Strawberry Hill Players. He hopes to have multiple nominees for certain awards come to the ceremony where the winner will be announced. “Like the Oscars,” he shared. This black-tie event will be the first of its kind here at Stamford High. 


“It’s so great to finally have representation for so many talented artists in our school that often go unrecognized”, said senior Nico Peragine. White, along with many students and teachers, wishes for this event to become a success, and have high hopes for making it annual.


Diane Burns, a Stamford High teacher, has also been heavily involved in the planning and making of this event. She hopes that it garners enough popularity to boost its momentum and carries on to next year.  She also shared her ideas about inviting notable and influential Stamford High alumni. She said, “I’m really excited for this whole thing. What I think is great about it is that we include more than just sports”.