Young Thug Releases Fourth Studio Album “Punk.”


Rowan Davis, Reporter

After months of snippets posted to social media, Young Thug finally released his fourth studio album, “Punk.” With Young Thug’s unique voice and flow, fans are always excited to hear more music from him. The album starts off with an acoustic and calm song called “Die Slow.” Young Thug reminisces of his past and present life, including all he has gone through and still has to manage. He mentions his parents’ breakup and his brother going to jail.


Young Thug talks about how the fame is really getting to him and he feels he hasn’t spent enough time with his kids. His dream came true in becoming a successful rapper, but he knows he needs to father his kids and give them a better childhood than the one he had. Young Thug came through with a lot of variety on this record. As mentioned, Die Slow gives us a preview of Young Thug’s chilling history of family conflict and misfortune. 


The song “Bubbly” brings out two very big names, Drake and Travis Scott. This song hit the charts instantly on release. The track is a trap banger that is sure to be hitting clubs all across the country. It’s crazy to watch how much Young Thug has grown as not just a rapper, but an artist. When he first hopped into the scene, people didn’t appreciate his music because they couldn’t understand his vocal delivery. When someone actually sets aside time to listen to him, it sure is something else. 


A song I personally recommend from the album would have to be “Livin It Up.” This song is a beautiful mix between R&B and Hip-Hop. Young Thug and Post Malone bring a soothing melody to the song while A$AP Rocky brings his authentic rap bars. I feel like listeners of any genre of music can appreciate this song.


All in all, Young Thug definitely brought some talented artists into his album. Big names include but are not limited to Drake, Gunna, Travis Scott, Mac Miller, Juice WRLD, Future, J. Cole, and Post Malone. Some shined brighter than others, but they all played their parts adequately.


After listening to this album many times, I would say it’s not his strongest album, but there are definitely a select few songs that are standout within his discography. If you listen to R&B or Hip-Hop, you should definitely be able to find a couple of songs to add to your playlist. If you have never listened to Young Thug or rap in general, you should try it and see if you like it!