Pennies and Shaved Heads Raise Funds

Lauren Heller

Pennies and Shaved Heads Raise Funds

Maddie Maxfield and Thomas Serrano

Social studies teacher Jeremy White and senior Bohdan Hubyak organized an event in order to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness month in which they would shave their heads depending on how much money the students raised.

“It all started with Bohdan and I talking about shaving our heads and wound up being an amazing fundraiser to show solidarity with those who have suffered from this disease,” said White.

The fundraiser would be in the form of a competition among all four of White’s classes. The competition, the “Penny War”, involved students donating pennies in order to increase their class’s points. Any silver coins or cash were donated to the opposing classes in order to lower their point total.

This idea came up after White told his sixth period class that they should all shave their head once in their lives. Hubyak then challenged White, saying that if White shaved his head, he would do it too. Things continued from there until by the end of the day, the fundraiser had begun. Many students came together and donated pennies for their class and left cash for the other classes.

Some students went above and beyond in order to win. Senior Tommy DeMarkey dominated the other classes by donating hundreds of dollars worth of pennies. Junior Dea Veshaj was another major contributor,donating $150.

In the end, White’s period six class ended up with the most points. In total, the four classes raised over $1000 for breast cancer awareness. “I’m proud my classmates got together and raised a lot of money for a good cause,” said Hubyak.

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