Famous New Haven Pizzeria, Sally’s Apizza, Opens a New Location in Stamford


Jeremy 'The Slice' Young

Sally’s famous large pie

Jeremy 'The Slice' Young, Reviewer

On Thursday, October 7, Sally’s Apizza hosted a grand opening of their newest location in
downtown Stamford. After already earning quite the impressive reputation for themselves from
their location in New Haven, established in 1938, Stamford residents were eager to have
another taste, now that it was so much closer.
The environment surrounding the restaurant was truly special. Hungry people lined up down the
street waiting for a fresh slice of the award winning pizza. Outside of the restaurant, they were
giving away free Sally’s t-shirts, which had a significantly long line of its own. The excitement
around Sally’s soon became contagious as everyone cheered when they opened the doors. The
owner, along with Sally’s son, Ricky Consiglio, welcomed everyone in to try Stamford’s newest
addition to the pizza game.
The venue was the largest pizza restaurant I’ve been in. The look was modern and sleek, and
their outdoor seating was nice as well. I could see the massive oven they kept in the kitchen,
and I knew that their workers were just as excited to be there as I was. After waiting for my
pizza for around 20 minutes, which felt more like an hour, given my excitement at the time, they
brought out a fresh pie.
Their rectangular shape made it a bit awkward, but this is a feature is unique to most New Haven pies. Their unique and special oven gave the crust a level of char that added that signature New Haven taste. The crust was incredibly thin and crispy, and you could hear it snap as you bit down into their perfected, decades-old crust recipe. Sally’s signature style is a little bit light on the cheese, and features a lot of their signature sauce. This sauce was packed with flavor and tang that made the pizza addictive. Their cheese
tasted fresh, and melted perfectly. After devouring a large pie, I can confidently say that Sally’s
has earned the title of the best pizza in Stamford, in my opinion. Its final rating is a 9.3.

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