Stamford High field hockey defeats Westhill in city championship

Field hockey team huddles during time out

Rylie Walker and Meagan Ash

Stamford High girls’ field hockey team defeated Westhill 3-1 Tuesday, September 14 in the city championship, despite an early lead taken by Westhill.

“We killed the Hill,” stated senior captain Karina Zaleski after the victory.

The game started off with Westhill taking the first point, followed by a long back and forth battle. With 15 seconds left in the second quarter, the Knights still had hope of taking home the beloved city cup. Senior Paige Tuccinardi scored and tied up the game right before halftime.

After a long battle in the third quarter the Knights and Vikings stayed tied 1-1. In the fourth quarter the Knights came back with a vengeance. Seniors Madison Sweeney and Emily Clear ramped up the score to 3-1. With goalie Piper Fine’s penalty shot save, the game was sealed.

With that the Knights officially took home the first city championship. Senior captain Lucy Santora said, “We were a little nervous at first because of the intimidation of it being a city championship game, but we powered through.”

Overall this victory was the first step in many city championships for the Black Knights throughout the rest of 21-22 sport seasons.