Slice of Stamford Pizza Review


Jeremy "The Slice" Young , News Editor

Slice Pizza is a newer brick oven pizzeria that opened in April of 2019. Since its establishment, it has become a prominent pizza place in Stamford that many people discuss as a “new great local pizza place.” Slice is about 1.5 miles from Stamford High School. Slice is a very clean and nice place to eat. The oven appears to be very high quality and large. The people there are very friendly and welcoming. I decided to order one plain cheese pie: half of it with mushrooms and onions, and an order of garlic knots.


The plain slices were good, but not great. The crust was thin and very crispy; however, the crust was also very bland.There was very little flop in the pizza when it was held up. The sauce was flavorful, but still lacked some tang that I often look for in good sauce. When taking the slice from the pie, there was a great cheese pull. The cheese was good, but slightly greasy. 


The mushroom and onion slices were very similar to the plain slice in terms of crust, sauce, and cheese, but the mushrooms and onions were cooked very well and they were very flavorful. These toppings added the extra texture, flavor that was needed in this slice.


Garlic knots were really great. They were incredibly flavorful, and packed a strong garlic flavor. The knots were hot and steamy. There was a great harder shell on the outside that surrounded the soft and delicious middle of these knots. The marinara dipping sauce, however, wasn’t too flavorful. Regardless, these are a must have at Slice.


Slice of Stamford ultimately provides a great experience with wonderful employees, good pizza, and some great garlic knots. Next time you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth giving it a try. The scores are as follows:

Plain: 5.8

Mushrooms and onion: 6.1

Garlic knots: 8.6