“Friends” Reunion Gives Fans All the Feels


Shayla Pensiero, Staff Writer

The long awaited reunion between the beloved cast of Friends has finally been released on HBO Max! This TV reunion happened to be only the second time all six of the cast members had been together since the last episode was filmed back in 2004 (their first reunion back together was a small dinner gathering). 

Although they don’t see each other as often as they wish, their friendships and bonds pick right back up where they left off back when they were filming the 10-year series. This made the viewers and fans fill with serotonin just as they would when snuggling up on the couch and watching Friends from season one. Other than the grey hair and matured skin, the six best Friends still have the same charm they did back in the show. 

The six cast members talk about the laughs, cries and even romance that happened on and off the cameras. They got to recap old episodes and even recreated some of the most popular scenes in the show. Surprisingly, the cast didn’t remember filming some of their fans favorite episodes!  There were even guest stars like Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, and Cara Delevine who performed or walked down the runway in some of the most iconic costumes from the show. The best surprise throughout the reunion was getting to see Janice and Gunther make a guest appearance (to not only the fans but the cast members, too). 

Overall fans and critics couldn’t have asked for a better reunion and were happy to see their favorite cast, or some may say “Friends,” back together. 

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