Quarantine Pets

Golden Retriever Waffles

In times like these, it is very easy to feel lonely and isolated. With people supposed to stay away from each other, many are finding alternatives in pet stores and shelters. Pets sales have been on the rise as cases increase. Stamford High students are no exception to this trend. 

Frances Vandervoort, a senior, recently got a new addition to her family. Waffles, a beautiful Golden Retriever dog, became a Vandervoort after some family friends gave her away to Ms. Vandervoort’s family. Frances assures that Waffle’s crazy personality has brought her tons of fun times. 

Symeria Fallons-Pryor, another senior in Stamford High, bought 2 guinea pigs. The duo named Gizmo and Noni were acquired at PetSmart. Symeria has said that the addition of the guinea pigs into her life has significantly reduced her boredom, and the chores that come with being a guinea pig mom keep her busy throughout the day.

Jonathan Ringel, an English and journalism teacher in Stamford High, recently rescued a pitbull-mix dog. He decided on the name Rocky after his wife suggested it. Ringel assures that Rocky has given his daughters invaluable companionship during these isolated times. Rocky also has a talent for howling in a way that simulates singing. 

Kinsly Lanfranco, a junior in SHS, adopted a black lionhead-lop mix rabbit. Kinsly decided on the name Raven since it suited the bunny’s mannerisms and appearance. Despite her broody name, Raven is very curious and affectionate. Her owner describes her time with Raven during quarantine as exhausting yet informative and eventful.

As you can see pets were important in quarantine too help us with our mental health by making us feel accompanied and loved and also giving them love back