Why We’re Lucky to Have an Outdoor Senior Prom


Sofia Sarak, Editor-in-Chief

As has been said many times before, senior prom is a staple of the typical high school experience. But just like with everything else this year, the Class of 2021 has had to make changes to the big event in order to coincide with the guidelines presented by the City of Stamford and the state. It is obvious that there will be some complaints: why does it have to be outside? Why can’t we take dates from other schools? What if it rains? But honestly, just be happy we’re having a prom in the first place.

The Class of 2021 student councils – from Stamford, Westhill, and AITE high schools – have been working with the City of Stamford to create a plan that delivers on the “prom” aspect, but still avoids creating a super-spreader event. For one, the date of June 4 was decided upon by the city, and every high school in Stamford will have their prom on their same day. Also, holding it outside, at Boyle Stadium, wasn’t our idea – we really didn’t have a choice. Have a chat with class representatives from the other schools and they’ll tell you the same thing. And truthfully, we’re not that happy about losing our deposit at the Greenwich Hyatt, either.

In terms of the after prom being turned into a pre-prom: you really think we would be able to gather inside, in a small elementary school, all together, in only a few short months? (As it has been in past years). Only a few days ago did Governor Ned Lamont set a date for restaurants and other businesses to stay open past 12 am – it is doubtful that an unnecessary after-prom event would be approved to be held that late.  An outdoor pre-prom is the best we can do. And if people actually participate, and try to have fun, it can be a very successful alternative. 

To address the issue of not allowing dates outside of Stamford High School: the district can’t even handle returning all students back to regular school, as some still have had to stay DLTA. It seems that if that sort of level of care and precaution is being taken in bringing people into the building – where students from our district still have to stay home – then adding people from other cities into the mix will simply complicate the problem even more.  I understand: you want to have a fun night with your date, but just be happy that you at least get to spend it with your friends from school. 

All in all, the Class of 2021 student council is doing the best it can to deliver a prom that is fun and safe. We have a lot of people directing us and telling us we can’t do things – a lot of city officials don’t know what they can even allow yet, either. Zoom proms exist people, and be grateful that our city and Stamford High School are handling the COVID pandemic well enough to even allow an in-person prom at all.